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Monday, February 20, 2006

How to find the Right Mechanic

Recently, a poll on www.About.com found that about 48% of the 1328 people polled did not trust the they currently frequented. How can this be?

The answer is more obvious than you may think. Believe it or not, most people on the road today don't know the steps to find the right mechanic. This lack of awareness keeps people just like you bouncing from one to another, hopelessly searching for a mechanic they can trust. Even worse, some people have given up searching, accepting the fact that their mechanic might be taking advantage of them!

What most people don't realize, is that there are some EASY STEPS you can take to find a mechanic who has YOUR best interests in mind, WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME! What's more, you can learn that timing is everything, and how to locate the mechanic you want to do business with BEFORE you car needs service!

Step 1: Is the mechanic accessable? Call to find out!
Are they willing to take time to talk with you, without having met you? When you talk to them, do you feel as if you're just a distraction to their day? Calling on the phone is an easy, no cost way to find out if they're interested in doing the job right and EARNING YOUR BUSINESS. Remember, their phone manners are a direct representation of how they will treat you when you're in their shop in person!

Here's how you do it: Call the you're interested in having work done, and be prepared with a service question. For instance, ask how much their are, or what they charge for a . You could also ask a common question like what a entails at their shop, or if they provide . Here's where you find out whether or not the mechanic is worth giving a try: Ask them the reasoning behind their answer to your question.

SECRET: Most Auto Repair facilities are Hammered with phone calls all day long, by people who find their name in the phone book, and are looking for the cheapest price, or worse, telemarketers. Some shops even devote a recepionist to screen these phone calls so that their service writers and mechanics can have time to work on their client's cars! Let them know you're serious about doing business with them by mentioning that you were recommended by someone or heard that they had a good reputation around town.

Listen to their answer! What you want to hear is a reasonable explanation that points to how the is charging you a fair price while doing what takes to do the job right. For example, let's say you ask how much they charge for an . Beware of the Mechanic who answers with a flat rate price! Even worse, watch out for someone who doesn't explain what you're paying for! If someone quotes you $25 or $19.99, they might just be charging you to change your oil and filter, without doing a safety and maintenance checklist that will help you avoid problems before they strand you on the side of the road! The Right Mechanic will take the time to explain WHY they are charging the price they quote, and what that includes.

SECRET: Any Oil Change should inlcude a Safety & Maintenance Inspection, which includes a written checklist with estimates of how much maintenance services and repairs will cost. Expect to pay slightly more for this service, but the benifit of knowing where your car stands at all times is priceless!

Look for more steps on how to find the right mechanic coming soon as we complete our new website! If you're local to the Greater Lansing area, and are looking for a mechanic, we invite you to test us by our own standards, and call us at 517-374-6100 to talk to any one of our staff members!

Remember, your business should be EARNED, not Given Away!


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